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Fastest game engine in 1:1 CPU frame time benchmarks

Developer friendly
Easy-to-use, expressive ECS

Free to start
Free to download and begin building

Arete Engine is a new type of ECS game engine that uses a one-of-a-kind unified-memory architecture built for modern games and devices.

The future of game engines.

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Arete Engine v0.1

We are super excited to announce the release of Arete Engine v0.1! Arete is an ECS, Rust-based 🦀 game engine with a unique unified-memory architecture built from scratch.

Space Shoot 'em up Demo

Based off of Galaga / Space Invaders.  Our space shoot'em up demo is running on an M1 Pro. All entities (including particles) are processed on the CPU, with CPU culling.


Fast By Default

​Arete boasts the fastest CPU performance of any engine


​Unified-memory takes maximal advantage of modern hardware


Separate game logic and enable easy updating and modding out-of-the-box

Language Support

Built on Rust, but write modules in any language with C ABI compatibility


First-class support for PC and unified-memory platforms (Mobile, VR, M1, etc)

Task Graphs

Unified game and render graphs to visualize all frame task dependencies

Simple Multithreading

Code automatically executes on all cores

Load Balancing

CPU and GPU workloads are balanced at runtime


Unique API that asynchronously processes heavy AI tasks without frame stuttering

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